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Avoidance through Awareness, Alertness and Intuition is the foundation of all of our courses and programs. Learning about our Reticular Activating System, Intuitive Radar, various criminal modus operandi and lures are essential. How would you attack yourself? When? Where? With what?​


Deescalation is a vital component to one's personal protection training that is moral, legal and ethical. Deescalating a hostile confrontation before it becomes violent is key. Deescalating ourselves first is likewise crucial to being able to deescalate social violence. Exploration of the 3-brains assists in defusing individuals.​

Senshido Methodologies are Built upon these 4 pillars

OUR staff HAVE instructed EVERYWHERE – RETAIL TO political organizations, traditional martial arts & mixed-martial arts gyms, from military to women's special-interest groups, local high schools & colleges/universities, and hundreds of like-minded community members in anchorage, eagle river and the matsu valley. 

Our professional staff includes subject matter experts in violence prevention, conflict mitigation, personal safety, travel safety, and survival fighting. 


Post-Event Issues

The aftermath of a violent attack includes numerous scenarios: Police, medical issues, potential legal ramifications, retaliation, PTSD and other related mental distress, family relationships and more. The aftermath can be a very long process and everyone needs to know what may happen as a result.​​

Physical Retaliation

If avoidance, intuition and deescalation strategies fail, physical retaliation is required. Physical delivery systems must be results-driven, applicable to numerous variables and easily called upon when needed.​ Senshido is principle-based, so as to work in any situation.​